"Empowering Young Ladies Through Etiquette,While Creating Beauty Inside & Out"



      ImageImage  To empower positive change in the lives of our girls by allowing  them to know that they can be the best that they can be.

 Mission Statement:

 "Empower Ladies Through Etiquette, while Creating Beauty Inside & Out"

Vision Statement:

 "Empower positive change in the lives of girls by allowing them to know that they can be the best that they can be, and that the opportunities do exist, not because of who they are, but because of whose they are.



 By providing workshops that include, but are not limited in :
* Etiquette  * Charm  * Table Manners * Making Friends *Business Etiquette *Self Esteem * Sisterhood *Girl Power  * Walking * Abstinence Programs * Classical Dance and a host of others..    


  (832) 606-2280


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 ** Workshops can be developed to meet the needs of a school or organization **


Devine Creations holding registration for young girls ages 8-18 for our Debutante Court for 2011-2011

Devine Creations holding registration for young boys 9-17 years for our Beautillion Court for 2011-2011

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Debutante Balls in Houston

 **Devine Creations Workshops also offers training at your location and other selected locations.**

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Youth Conferences

Woman's Luncheon

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King & Queen

"Mr. Devine Creations Beautillion King 2010-2011"

"Ms. Devine Creations Debutante Queen 2010-2011" 




Devine Creations
: Appeared on ABC 13 Hometown Live
Take a look;;;



"Empower Me Sister"

 Workshops: Help youth achieve improved self esteem and self confidence, cultivate positive socialization skills, realize the value of respect.

Girl Power! Club and Summer Camp:

 Which mentors girls, self esteem, self image as well as problem-solving, decision-making, and communication, etiquette, and hospitality skills.


  • Would you like to sponsor a young lady for the cotillion
  • We are in need of different sizes.
  • * Dresses (white only) * shoes * tiaras * or unopened cosmetics.
  • Please call for details.

Enroll in our Etiquette Programs..,

 Devine Creations

Debutantes on Great Day Houston


" Devine Creations"  Etiquette Handbook

Ms. Caddie's Second Book

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Please go online and order your book all proceeds will help with Devine Creations Programs.



    Certified Etiquette and Protocol Professionals, these special programs teach the needed skills “to put your best foot forward”and make a good impression.   Join our workshops now to learn etiquette. We will make you well versed in table etiquette, social etiquette, social manners, party etiquette and dining etiquette. After the course, you will be a changed personality.  

Children Etiquette Training

Girls and boys, discover how to develop their own style and not just follow the crowd. True style and confidence can be developed from the beginning, and create tomorrow's leads, "Mind your manners" workshop helps your children shine and stand out from the rest.
Youth Etiquette Training
Adult/ Woman Etiquette Training
Your a woman of grace and style and your Godly image is important to you. We live in a society where our outward appearance is important as well as how we present ourselves. Let us assist you in developing the image you desire while becoming a better you.
  • Dress for Success
  • Social Graces
  • Nutrition & Fitness
  • Poise & Posture
  • Professional Image
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Devine Creations Debutante/Cotillion, empowering young ladies since 2006.

Devine Creations Debutane/Cotillions: Registration now open for young ladies ages 8 thru 18 years of ages.

The Debutante experience is also designed to be a rite of passage program that prepares young ladies for a successful transition into the world at large. We provide educational, business, cultural, and social enrichment activities that culminates in the presentation of these outstanding young ladies at the 2012 Debutante Ball. Devine Creations Debutante/Cotillion is one of their most memorable moments in their lives and celebrates the transition into young womanhood.

The program objectives are:

Encourage participation in workshops geared towards skill enhancement, confidence building and knowledge acquisition.

To attend various workshops in etiquette, charm, table manners, business etiuette, how to be a laady forever, loving yourself, scrapbook classes,and many others.

To enable the debutantes to build lasting friendships with other young ladies

To introduce young ladies into society which culminates with an elegant and memorable Debutante Cotillion Ball

To become a debutante in this years court please contact: 832-606-2280
Please visit:

Registration Date: September 15,2012

What is a Debutante?
The word "Debutante"
 (from the French word "debutante" female beginner) is a
young lady from an aristocratic or
upper class family who has reached the age of maturity, and as a new adult, is
introduced to society at a formal   
presentation known as her "debut" or "coming out."
Devine Destiny-A Book For Teen Girls
Purchase online:
All proceeds go towards our Charity and help with all of our programs.



Every teenage boy and girl wants to look and feel beautiful, smart and dynamic. Good manners and good grooming go hand in hand with leadership. Overcome the anxieties of "how do I look? What do I say? What do I do?" Competence, appearance and etiquette translates into strong confidence in life.
Knowing how to carry one self at school, at a party, at an important even or in a business setting is a vital in today's world.
Are you interested?
Please call (832) 606-2280
Email Devine Creations
mydevinecreations@ymail.com : General Questions
**Purchase a copy of Devine Destiny-
Being A Lady Forever
-A Book For Teen Girls**
Registration is underway for 2010-2011 Debutante
AGES: 8-18
************New Beautillion Program  for  BOYS**********
****** ENROLL YOUR SON NOW***********

Devine Creations
Debutante Queeen
Ms. Devine Creations 2010 Queen
Ms. Kei'Chara Fleeks
Read article in African American Newspaper:
Read article in D-MARS
Read Article In The Houston Defender
Ms. Verna Caddie & Devine Creations Debutantes 2010
Read More.........

Devine Creations Debutante Cotillions - YouTube

www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ns6sYddnNY45 min - Feb 11, 2011 - Uploaded by devinecreations
Devine Creations Debutante Cotillions: Empowering young adults,through etiquette,self esteem,manners and a host of other empowering ...

Devine Creations Debutante/ Cotillions - YouTube

www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fPRqfK-nGE4 min - Feb 4, 2011 - Uploaded by devinecreations
Devine Creations Debutante/Cotillions located in Houston Texas. Teaches etiquette.self esteem.table manners and a host of other ...

Devine Creations Mothers & Daughters Conference/Brunch

Devine Creations Mothers & Daughters Conference Brunch. Mothers and Daughters Conference bonding bringing together Mothers and Daughters in Love ...

by devinecreations 6 days ago 2 views

Written by: Mr. Marvin Cloud
Devine Creations Article (Who's Precious?)
in African American Newspaper
 Each year is greater
than the next.. Thanks for all the support.
Devine Creations 3rd Annual Debutante/Cotillion Ball 2009
God was in the House!!! We had a wonderful time.
The Debutantes & Escorts were awesome!
Thanks to everyone who attended this years ball.
Devine Creations in local Houston Area Newspapers.
** Look at more photo's from Devine Creations 3rd Annual
Ball 2009**
Devine Creations 2nd Annual Debutante/Cotillion Ball 2008

Verna Caddie: Creating Beauty Divinely

By Jo-Carolyn Goode, Editor-at-Large

March 24, 2008 1:52 PM


Once in every young girl's life she deserves to feel and be treated like a princess.

Click to Read Article

Enroll your daughter into our Devine Debutante/Cotillion Program.
Devine Creations now a member of /www.donatemydress.org - donate your dress to a young lady for prom.. Be a Devine Angel..

Attached is information about Devine Creations in the Houston Chronicle.
FACES IN THE CROWD / Aldine resident teaches inner beauty / Verna Caddie helps girls, boys, learn s...

Making girls feel like princesses / Verna Caddie trains youths to become ladies

Dress drive part of prep for cotillion 


"Devine Creations & Broken Chains Back To School Glamour Day"


LaughingDonate Your Prom GownsLaughing



    LINKS - Resources Click the link below to see what others are doing to increase earnings, and why it is important for us to help our children and prepare them for the future.

 Manners 101:

Article from CBS News Online

      ** New Wedding Certification Seminar

and Workshop**



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